Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Stash Report - Week 17

I didn't think I had any movement on yardage, only $$, but realized I left a stash-busting project out of last week's report.

We'd had a big foam wedge we got from my parents sitting around for a while - too big for anything, really, so I got out the electric knife.

I needed a foam wedge for the van, since it won't not recline enough for me. I was able to get the wedge and two blocks of foam for seat cushions to take to karate out of the big piece. I wound up using about a yard of striped upholstery fabric from stash.

This weekend, I went to a guild quilt show about 45 miles away. $5 admission, and about $10 in gas money. That report to follow :)

Yards in: 0
Yards out: 1.0
Cumulative yards in: 5.4
Cumulative yards out: 14.8
Net gain/loss: 9.4 USED

Spending this week: $15
Spending this year: $46.25

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ozzypip said...

I am intrigued. Are you tracking your quilty spending as well as your fabric usage? An interesting idea. Our prices here in Australia would blow me out of the water. If I have to drive to a quilt shop, apart from our local ones its almost 3 hours or 265kms! Petrol costs would be horrendous! Curious... if you take other people with you do you divide your petrol costs even if they don't give you money... or if you go to other shops can you divide the total spend amongst other things. LOL just trying to give you some wiggle room here.