Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quilt show, day 2

No photos yet :(
I got to the show, turned on my camera, and got the dreaded "battery exhausted" message. It's charging now, so more pictures tomorrow. I do have one - this is a yard of batik I bought. I may go back and buy another yard piece, or check on availability of more yardage. I adore it completely.


I also bought a half-yard of black and white, a bag of scrap pieces, some delicious teal size 8 pearl cotton, a new [to me] brand of hand sewing needles to try, and some cinnamon-scented lotion for The Lovely Daughter.

Rain tonight, and I'm wiped out. One last day tomorrow - the Karate Kid is coming along to work security and as muscle to earn some Student Service Learning hours.

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