Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bunny art

The other evening TMOTH was trying to get some paperwork printed for one of the kids, and the Small Man was badgering him with questions and trying to impress him with odd facts.

At that point, I rooted around in our junk closet, found an old watercolor set and some brushes, and asked the Small Man to come in the dining room with me, so we could paint! He was perfectly happy with this, and we painted awhile, and then I told him I would teach him how to paint a bunny.

This is what I painted (along with instructions about how I do it - paint the ears first, add the head, then the body, then the feet and tail):

So Small Man painted along with me, then on his own added green eyes, a red mouth, and whiskers, and grass underneath:

We finished up and went up to bed. The Lovely Daughter came down and found the supplies, and painted this:

This from someone who told me recently she doesn't like watercolor because "you can't fix your mistakes."


JustCallMeElle said...

Fun painting!!

Anonymous said...

She has talent, and you can fix your mistakes, you just do it differently. Your son's little painting is adorable, too.