Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still around

Yikes. More than a month.
End of summer, start of school year, etc. - just haven't managed to post.
First day of Kindergarten:

12th Birthday:

I still need to work on handquilting the Karate Kid's quilt. I need to figure out how to finish the top of the Lovely Daughter's quilt - it needs cat applique, but first it needs to get bigger. I need to consult with her about what kind of borders she wants on it.

In the meantime, I've started other quilts (of course!) One is a tactile quilt for my MIL Lois who has Alzheimer's (maybe I posted about that one already?). I started cutting material for a Secret Santa gift. I started a black/white/blue/green quilt for a friend, and have that nearly finished. And then a black/white/yellow/purple quilt for the Lovely Daughter. I need some more blacks for that one. And a string quilt quilt-a-long. I WILL finish these; the friend's quilt top is almost done. Completely mindless piecing that will be machine quilted.

Lovely Daughter blocks:

String blocks:

My SIL was here on Saturday, and we had a lovely visit. Didn't do ANYTHING but sit around and talk and eat. TMOTH will be going to Indiana in October for his Dad's birthday for a sibling workday, and according to SIL, there's a lot of sewing stuff that needs a new home. We'll see what comes home with him.

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