Sunday, May 16, 2010

All Over the House

So, I was whining yesterday on one of the Yahoo groups I belong to about how my quilting/crafting "stuff" was ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I was then informed that pictures were in order. So, OK, you asked for it:

1. The Kitchen. How, you ask, can there be crafting stuff in the kitchen? Well, there's a kitchen island that's right next to the stairs that go up to the playroom where the "official" crafting area is, and I have a tendency to put things there "for a while" until I take them upstairs. Yeah, right.
The big silver colander serves most of the time as my bread bin. The white lid is full of those beads you iron together, so technically they're my kids' stuff, but it still falls under "crafting" so I get to organize it (or not). All of the stuff in and on top of the clementine box (and the glue) needs to go upstairs.

2. The Dining Room. Now, to be fair, I actually do a lot of the actual work in my dining room. I mostly sew on the kitchen table, since I share my crafting area with the Wii and Playstation and kids' computer. However, I'm not sure there's any excuse for just leaving stuff here and not putting it away.

To show that I *DO* get some work done, here is my mid-kid's quilt, sandwiched and pinned last night on the dining room table:

3. The Living Room. Things don't tend to pile up in here, thankfully. However, it's where the laundry goes to get folded, so there's often a small pile of material that's been washed hanging out on the couch or loveseat waiting to be put away.

4. The Foyer. So, there's this nice big desk that's waiting to find a permanent things get put on top of it. Like fabric.

5. Upstairs hallway. Along with the cat carrier that needs to be put away (see the pattern here?), there's a bag of fabric sitting in front of the bookcase (which has quilting magazines on top).

6. Our Bedroom. Just an example - a bin of material on the floor. I think there's more hiding around the room - along with the supplies masquerading as decorations.


There's actually NOT any in the bathrooms, or in the kids' rooms. And I'm not showing any pictures of the playroom/craft room because it's just too scary right now. Sigh.

I went to a "quilt club" meeting at one of our local fabric shops last week, and the guest speaker was a professional organizer talking on how to set up a quilt studio. Some good ideas, some that won't work for my house. (Fabric on open shelves? Not here in the land of dust and hair. Locking bins are my friend.)


Wacky Woman said...

hahaha Michelle. I understand how that creeping can happen. I now belong to Flylady. Keeps me in check.

Sharon-NZ said...

oh excellent Michelle, shows you have a cosy home.... would feel very comfy there amongst the material

Karen Mallory said...

Looks like you have lots of craft and sewing stuff! But once you organize it into a room it won't look like too much and you will have to get more!! LOL
hugs Karen

Diana said...

LOL, I would be happy to come play with you and help sort the fabric into the bins for you, just got to tidy my 3 rooms first okky dokky.

Khris said...

ohh did tell us you had your "stash" in every party of the Khris

American Quilter's Society said...

As long as there's a method to your madness! I bet you some amazing things come from your work!