Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another quilt show

I went to the Faithful Circle quilt show today. No photos, as I forgot my camera. Drat.
LOTS of beautiful applique at the show. Some bright colors, some nifty ideas. Sometimes simple approaches work best.

I came home with a couple of yards of beautiful batik, and some bags of scrap material from "Peddler's Alley." I'm bummed, though, because I seem to have lost one. The smallest one, with lots of bits of doggie prints that would've gone into the Bueno brothers' quilts. It could be worse, I guess - I'm only out $1, and hopefully I'll have good karma if someone else finds the baggie that can use it.

The streak will REALLY be put to the test - I only bought one raffle basket ticket! I did buy raffle quilt tickets as well, when it was at our guild meeting last month.

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