Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Frenzy

Soon to be 9:30 - wake up The Lovely Daughter and make sure she eats something
10:00 - take The lovely Daughter to the Arts Barn for class/return home
11:30 - take Small Man to lunch and stop by the quilt show
1:30 - pick The Lovely Daughter up from class, get her lunch, and drive to the Pinewood Derby
1:30 - hopefully not too late - chase the Small Man around while listening to The Lovely Daughter complain about being forced to be at the Pinewood Derby
- If before 6, return to quilt show
- If after 6, return home
Have dinner and collapse.

What's your day like? And I KNOW all of you at the quilt retreat are having a great time - I'm jealous.

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