Monday, February 09, 2009

Wiped out

(This is what I started 2 days ago) The Small Man was up all night last night. No positive strep test yet, just coughing and wheezing and general sickness. We did the last nebulizer at 8 and Motrin at 9; hopefully the combo will keep him asleep tonight. (edit - 2 nights now of sleep. Yay!)

This is one of his creations:

It was much better in context, with all of the other kids' gingerbread men - none of the others had such completely colored in bodies or such precisely placed eyes and buttons. Very particular, my boy.

The lovely daughter found out today she was accepted into the magnet high school - to both of the programs she applied to. Now she has to decide (1) whether to go to her home school or the magnet, and (2) if the magnet, which program (Global Ecology or Humanities). AND I still get to fight with her local high school about her course selection because the stupid counselor wants her to take honors physics and the technology course, because that paperwork has to be turned in by Friday and she has 2 weeks to decide about the magnet. EVEN after she told him we'd discussed it and thought she didn't need to go that route. Argh. (I found out I have to write a letter to attach to the form.)

I did finally get some quilting done this weekend, after tending to the housework pile-up. I have a small pile of "flesh" colored fabrics now, but wound up using this:

to get to this:

I'm frogging the hat - it's just too tall, too much out of proportion. I'm reasonably happy with the rest of it.

Also working on a small piece, just for fun:

AND, cut and paired up pieces for a red/white/blue quilt. But today - a little telework, a little napping.

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great job for your daughter! And your shell seeker looks awesome!