Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catching up

Boy, I've just been buried.

The latest is that the hound-from-hell seems to be having stone issues again.

A couple of days ago Cletus ate up a big bunch of oil off the stove. He puked most of it up, which may have dehydrated him a bit. We've given him lots of extra water today, and I gave him a dose of Prazosin we had left over from the last bout tonight - I'm afraid if he's not better tomorrow, we'll have to make a vet trip.

The lovely daughter has had TWO projects that she "forgot" about until the day before they were due.

I spent last weekend dealing with disgusting stuff. The upstairs bathroom litter box suddenly had flies, and the pantry had become infested with something horrible. Little maggoty larvae about a cm long ALL OVER the pantry. It seems to have started in some bags of nuts and spread. At any rate, anything that could possibly have been infested got tossed. We also have mice. I caught 3 last night, and will likely catch more tonight. I also got most of the bins of material sorted out and put back into the playroom, so we have walking-around room in the bedroom again.

I do, however, have an idea for the guild challenge. I just need to find a couple of images to sketch from and pull some material. (And probably go shopping. Of course. Because I won't have just the right shade of turquoise-y blue that I neeed.)


Gina said...

I think you deserve a shopping trip after the last few days.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Joan J said...

We've had those bugs in our pantry too -- and if you don't get them now they will turn into the most obnoxious little moths that just keep hatching and hatching forever. I threw all flours and nuts out (trust me, whether you can see them or not, they are infested), then cleaned down all cabinets with bleach and later sprayed it with insecticide, then washed it all down to rinse it -- and STILL had moths 3 months later. UGH. You have my sympathy!