Sunday, October 14, 2007

not so much crafting

We've had to spend lots of time on the yard after a nasty-gram from the county. We spend all of Thursday chipping [nearly] all of the sticks and piles of brush in the yard. We have some weeds to bag up, but then we're done.

I did start an afghan for the toddler - not sure if I posted that before. Medium blue and dark blue so far; it needs a light color I haven't picked out yet. Not beige...maybe a cream or an even lighter blue.

I have about 4 squares to finish for the toddler's quilt before I get to put the top together. I found DH's quilt that his great-aunt made that needs repairs in the boys' closet, so hopefully I can work on that as well.

I also got the invite to Ravelry, but haven't had time to do much with it. Looks like I'll need to set up a Flickr account, to start.

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