Friday, July 06, 2007

Thrifty goodness

I stopped by the Goodwill store nearer our house on Tuesday afternoon and they had a WHOLE BOX of sewing and crafty stuff marked at $7.00. I snatched it and bought it, only looking at the first layer or two. A whole bunch of quilty fabric, some printed panels with cats, some with horses, most of a skein of red yarn, a couple of presser feet (which I haven't checked on my machine yet) and more more more!!!

I think an employee at the Goodwill near work snatches up all of the sewing stuff and squirrels it away for herself - I often see things behind the counter, but not out for purchase.

I laid out the cats on the bed, but for some reason the pre-teen doesn't like it. I need to investigate why - I don't MIND that she doesn't like it, but she has a pretty good sense of color, and if that's why, I'd like to know.

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