Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The seduction of the fabric store

It all starts so innocently. I need a spool of lavender thread to finish the scarf I started for my mom for LAST Christmas, and some fabric to make the poofy animal pillowcases. So, I go to Jo-Anne while the pre-teen is at soccer practice.

Well, I find the lavender thread, and a couple of nice blues with thread to match that should make for a nice dragon. Of course the cutting table is right next to the remnant box so I wind up with (and this is from memory):
1. a shiny remnant that might (or might not) work for the lining of the wings of the dragon
2. a piece of black sparkly felt
3. a piece of plaid cotton
4. a piece of cream-colored fleece
5. eight sample squares (for 25 cents each!!!) of upholstery fabric
6. and probably more.

If I didn't have to get back to soccer practice, no telling what I might've wound up with. The worst part is, I hope to go back tomorrow night with the tween to pick out fabric for her pillowcase.

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