Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stash Report ~ August 28

Since it turns out my last official stash report was back in January, this isn't particularly accurate :)

Yards in: 13.8 
Yards out: 11.3
Cumulative yards in: 14
Cumulative yards out:  12.5
Net gain/use: 1.5 ADDED

That is over the past month, when I've been blogging - better than just quitting keeping track, I think.

THIS week's additions to the stash are:

$22.24 at JoAnn's for backing and needles.
2 yards of wide backing = 4.9 yards total

$13.77 for a bucket of buttons at the Goodwill. 68 full cards, 14 partial cards, and quite a few loose buttons.

Monday, August 22, 2016

thinking about designs

So, I have the leftover grey. I have a lot of pink. I have a lot of black-and-white.

The first idea was the economy block. But the directions in Maggie Malone's block book are template-based, and I'm not doing that for straight lines!

SO...working on an angled cut I wound up with two different versions- since it's not a symmetrical cut, there are two blocks that can be made. And then there's the rotations!

After all that, none of them resemble the economy block because I misjudged the angle :/

If I was using the *same* pink and same wouldn't make such a difference, because the secondary designs would be stronger.

And a split pinwheel, just to try symmetry.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New-to-me books and magazines and such

I stopped by my local used bookstore during lunch Friday. A break from the office, a few $$ to the Friends of the Library, and some inspiration for me. Goodness all around. for only $11.75.

1. Stitch magazine. I mostly bought this one because it has a full-size bucket hat pattern included.

2. An appointment book. It's not dated, so I can start at any time. My plan is to use this to keep track of things for the upcoming fair year.

3. This is fun, since Lois is a local quilter, and some of the quilts in her book were made by other local quilters.

4. Mainly, I like the owl on the cover.

5. I think this is mostly intended for decorative painting, but I'm thinking of tracing the letters for embroidery.

6. This has some really interesting blocks- a lot of curved designs.

7. This might be the push I need to make a quilted jacket. Lots of simple patterns are included.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Some finishes!

It's fair week here, so that's a nudge to finish anything close so I can enter it. I only have bad photos of these, since I misplaced the camera before I had to take them in to enter them!

1. This little heart wallhanging. It's fairly simply quilted with big stitches, with a button in the middle of each heart. About 12 x 22, and 600 square inches used:

2. My miniature trip around the world - total size is 10 by 10, so 300 square inches (I can do math, y'all - that's factoring in seam allowances and binding!).

3. The Road to California quilt for my niece. Quilted, bound, and ready to mail off once I show it off at the September guild meeting. About 85 x 85; let's say 1600 inches,

By my math, about 11.3 yards for all three finishes!

Monday, August 08, 2016

More fabric in :)

I bought a wide backing for my niece's quilt - the top was finished early Sunday afternoon, so I made the trek to Jo-Ann's for backing. 3 yards, which is equal to 7.4 yards of regular fabric.

Six fat quarters also came home with me from quilt guild last week, to make a quilt for Service Projects, so that shouldn't stay in the stash very long - finished quilts are due in September.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Some fabric comes in...

Yesterday was the meeting of our mini-mini group. I'd done NOTHING, but it's always fun to visit with people.

One of our members brought a bag of short, thin strips of feed sack a guild speaker had given her YEARS ago. I took a handful with the promise that I'd make something out of it by the next meeting.

The first (tiny) block is done:

I also stopped at Jo-Ann and bought another 2.5 yards of Kona PFD that I use for backing/borders on a quilt-in-progress. Ralph is not impressed.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Long time not blogging

Now that my course of antibiotics for Lyme disease is almost finished, I'm feeling almost human again.

It was HOT HOT HOT this weekend - the Montgomery County Farm Tour was this weekend, but I just couldn't face it in the heat, with other stuff to do. The only stop we did was at Rock Hill Orchard.

We got un-homogenized milk so TMOTH can try making cheese, and lovely peaches, and a few other things. But mainly we went because I'd heard they had delicious ice cream, and I wasn't led wrong - it was wonderful.

I made blueberry-lime jam from some uninspired blueberries and bought strawberries on the grocery run for strawberry jam.

And I'm working on a UFO - a Valentine's wallhanging.