Sunday, March 21, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge #6 2021

 The last Project  Quilting challenge for this year is Ab Intra.

For this project, I manifested my inner hippie chick.

Starting with scraps: I'm working on a rainbow challenge for my quilt guild, and used cut-offs from that block.

Using buttons: Went crazy with this :)

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge #5 2021

 The theme for the next Project Quilting challenge is You're Crazy.

I used satins and brocades in green and blue and teal shades, and then embroidered the seams - my tiny crazy quilt turned journal cover. I like to use composition books for journals - they're cheap and readily accessible, but not very pretty.

The "wrong" side of the cover.

The lining- using orphan blocks.

The completed cover.

Buttons and a hair tie for a closure.

A ribbon with a button weight for a marker.

The inside of the cover with the composition book inserted.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge #4 2021

 The fourth Project Quilting Challenge is Snail's Trail.

My personal first rule of PQ2021 is to start with orphan blocks. This week's first orphan was part of a stripset that came from who knows  where, and gave me my center four-patch.

The last time I'd tried this  block, I think I was using four colors and it was not a fun process. This was much easier to keep track of, although I did wind up with squares that spiraled in different directions.

Backs were pieced as well, as crumb blocks. A few more orphans found their way into the backs as well.

One of these is now finished and done. The other is a UFO - I'll just add it to the list :) This will make a nice mat for bowls of gumbo. The final touch is a fun button, the second personal rule.

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge #3 2021

 The third Project Quilting Challenge is Virtual Vacation.

My usual constraints applied - start with orphan blocks and end with buttons.

These look like sand and sea - we're good to go! Adding lots of sand, a little more sea, sun, and sky, and we have a top.

Wavy line quilting across the entire top- sunset colors for the sky and top of the water, teal for the water, and sand for the sand.

And it's done. One big mother-of-pearl button to represent shells that wash up on the shore and it's done.

Not a *literal* representation, but the colors and feeling of my favorite part of favorite vacation- early morning walks on the beach. This, then, is FloraBama Sunrise. And the wonkiness isn't the photo- the top edge and first couple of inches down is square, but after that I just  trimmed along the edge and if it waved and curved, that's how I bound it. Size is about 12 x 20.

From snowy Gaithersburg, MD, wishing I was in Orange Beach.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Project Quilting Challenge #2 2021

 The second Project  Quilting Challenge is Fussy Cut.

I had two constraints - using orphan blocks and buttons. These were my orphan blocks- tiny offcut half-square triangles from another project. I used the larger ones for this project and tossed the rest.

I used this kitty fabric that's been in my stash for a while for fussy cutting.

This is it- quilted and bound,with the buttons I picked.

The back- same fabric as used for fussy cutting.

I managed to break a needle sewing on the buttons! I don't remember if I've EVER broken a hand-sewing needle before. Bent plenty, yes, but not broken.

Done. Buttons are on the corner so it's actually usable as a mug rug.

Friday, January 08, 2021

First Project Quilting challenge complete

 The first PQ challenge is Illuminating + Ultimate Gray.

This is my quilt:

It's not big, about 9 x 12, but I like it a lot.

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

New year, New goals

 Welp, last year's blogging was mostly a bust.

Here's to more consistency this year!

Sewing goals: Mostly, sew every day.

Sew a block a day if possible.

Use the stash.

Finish projects.

First new project: The first Project Quilting challenge -

My personal constraints for the PQ challenge this year are: 1. Use orphan blocks, and 2. Add buttons

The first pieced background is here:

These were the orphan blocks that started it-  I added an additional piece to make them long enough, then sliced in half-ish.

Applique is currently in progress.